Voice Coaching with Cassie

Cassie grew up in Massachusetts, and began performing at the age of eight. She studied Jazz at the New England Conservatory and graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Cassie brings a lot of real-world experience to the table, as a bandleader, songwriter, touring musician, and studio singer. She has been teaching voice and piano for over 15 years and loves to work with all levels from beginners to professional performers. In lessons expect to: 

  • Learn proper techniques and tools to sing with more colors and strength in your voice. 
  • Gain confidence in knowing when to belt, mix and use your head voice. Learn how to develop your own unique sound.
  • Gain awareness in how the body affects the voice and learn how to tap into the physical support we need. 
  • Understand how to pick covers that highlight your artistry and show off your voice. 
  • Get audition support and develop that gig stamina.
  • Younger/beginner students have fun singing familiar songs from the radio, finding their voice and gaining self-confidence as they learn to sing on their own for the first time. 

 Cassie also loves to coach in the studio and provide vocal arranging services for original or cover songs and performance/artist coaching to bring out the best while recording.

Ages 8+

For inquiries and rates, send a message.

Piano Coaching

A personalized approach for any level to help keep interest, accountability, and have fun all while learning this versatile instrument. Cassie loves to work with all ages from beginner to a seasoned player to help provide guidance and encouragement.  

Specializes in songwriting, chord arranging to accompany vocals, pop, and young learners.

 Ages 8+ 

For inquiries/rates, send a message.  


I couldn’t be happier. Cassie has been a great teacher. She has really connected with my son with a playful attitude but she’s been able to introduce more discipline and focus. He’s improving, happy to go and happy to practice. Two thumbs up!”

— Laure

Cassie is amazing. . . the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

— K. Rodriguez

Cassie is an amazing teacher. I started taking piano and voice lessons with her at 27 with desire to learn but no work ethic and years of resistance to practicing and getting any better. From the first lesson she has been so patient and pleasant to work with.. Not to mention a world class, soulful vocalist. She really found my rhythm of learning and worked with me in such a free, easy manner that made me really enjoy learning. I'm now out of my musical shell. I love to sing and play all the time now because I found the joy of having music in my life. 5 stars, easily. Thanks Cassie! ”

— J.L.

Cassie, is an incredible, talented and patient Piano teacher. I have learn so much in just a few months.”

— Rocio